Ketamine Pharmacotherapy

In traditional Ketamine Pharmacotherapy, patients begin with an initial consultation with a psychiatric Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner or Dr. Eli Kolp. Patients are then free to schedule twenty minute, medication management follow up visits with the ARNP, or with Dr. Kolp, as frequently as indicated.

Established pharmacotherapy patients with the Ketamine Institute are free to schedule 45 minute counseling sessions with Dr. Kolp or a psychiatric ARNP when arranged in advance with the provider.


Initial Consultation
with ARNP $175
with MD $245
20 Minute Medication Management Follow-Up Visit
with ARNP $89
with MD $109
Secure Two-Way Telecommunication
$0 fee
In-Office Appointment
$100 fee per visit

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Patients who pay for the entire WELL Program at the outset of the program enjoy a 10% discount.

The Ketamine Institute does not accept any form of insurance and requires all services to be paid for in full prior to any patient receiving treatment.

The Ketamine Institute accepts all major credit cards.