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Welcome to Central Florida’s Ketamine Institute, creators of the pioneering WELL Program, combining the therapeutic power of ketamine with patient focused psychotherapy, for the treatment of severe depression and anxiety. The Ketamine Institute is a place for those seeking renewal through a transformational experience.

Do you struggle with treatment-resistant depression or anxiety? Have regular treatments failed? Using Ketamine-Enhanced Psychotherapy as a catalyst for change, our programs utilize ketamine for both its pharmocological and psychological benefits for rapid personal improvement.

Located within Central Florida’s beautiful Nature Coast, our growth-oriented WELL Program provides a supportive and safe outpatient environment for clients to accelerate their recovery by integrating body and mind in a safe, effective, psycho-therapeutic environment, with the use of our groundbreaking therapeutic practice, Ketamine Enhanced Psychotherapy.

The Ketamine Institute utilizes tele-psychiatry and tele-mental health, allowing clients from all over the world to have their initial assessment and follow up therapy sessions via secure two-way, interactive video conferencing.